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Tranquility Beach Anguilla At A Glance

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Set on a one of a kind piece of Caribbean beachfront real estate, Tranquility Beach Anguilla brings chic, modern living to Anguilla's grand jewel...

Meads Bay Beach.

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Tranquility Beach is the latest development by internationally recognized Property Developer and Architectural Designer, Ian "Sugar George" Edwards and a man with over 30 years in finance and real estate, Neil Freeman of Aries Capital.

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The development's first phase, Signature Suites, features 15 luxury residences set in three modern beach villas.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla (9)

After following Tranquility Beach's development since 2018, it is with great excitement that we announce...

Tranquility Beach Anguilla is now open as a boutique hotel with vacation rental and residence opportunities.

A project of passion, let's step foot on Tranquility Beach.

More on Tranquility Beach, below...

  • Welcome
  • NEW VIDEO Step Inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla

  • The Coveted Location, Meads Bay

  • Meet Ian "Sugar George" Edwards

  • Inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla
  • Luxurious Amenities

  • NEW Tranquility Beach Anguilla: Now Accepting Vacation Bookings

Visit Tranquility Beach's Website...

Anguilla's north shore beauty known as Meads is a Caribbean "best." It is one of the few beaches world-wide whose white sand sea-floor (no reef) stretches for miles in an infinite gradient of blue.

Meads Bay's Infinite Blue Hue
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (10)

"Magic" is the word often used to describe the feeling that overwhelms you as you watch the warm Anguilla sun illuminate the bay. One dip inside, and Meads makes you a believer. An undeniable magic lies within these pure azure waters.

For years, this beauty has captured the imagination of Anguilla Architectural Designer, Ian "Sugar George" Edwards. His latest development is a culmination of decades of experience, knowledge, expertise and a deep appreciation for Meads.

Today, he and partner, Neil Freeman bring something special to this Anguilla beach.

Step inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla...

(Video) Tranquility Beach Anguilla: NEW 5 Star Boutique Anguilla Hotel on Meads Bay

Welcome to Tranquility Beach Anguilla

Welcome to Tranquility Beach Anguilla
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (11)

Tranquility Beach is one of the last pieces of Anguilla real estate of its kind.

Set in the middle of Meads Bay's expansive curve, Tranquility Beach's unobstructable views are vast. Here, Meads' entire crystal-clear bay stretches before your eyes.

The location is tucked away from the beach's bigger hotels and chaise-lined strips of sand. Only the surf's gentle lapping surrounds you. Tranquility Beach is true to its name. It is undeniably peaceful. When you want a bit of action? You are in good company.

Four Seasons Anguilla and Malliouhana, an Auberge Resort, book-end the beach. Some of Anguilla's best restaurants, including the famous Blanchards, Straw Hat and Jacala (a favorite of Martha Stewart and Roman Abramovich), line its shores. The island's top grocery store is a one minute drive away.

Mega Yacht, "A" in Meads Bay, Anguilla
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (12)

Living is luxuriously calm, with the "best of the best" of Anguilla right at your fingertips.

With Meads Bay setting a grand stage set, I met with Sugar George to see the "Tranquility Beach" side of Meads Bay...

A Sunset Homes & Aries Capital Development

"Tranquility Beach has been eight years in the making," Sugar George explained as he and I walked its expanse of beachfront land. A sophisticated man with a passion for his craft, Ian "Sugar George" Edwards (better known as simply "Sugar George") has a proven track record for architecture, design and property development.

With Ian Edwards AKA "Sugar George"
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (13)

His award-winning company, Sunset Homes boasts an impressive list of clients, having developed Le Bleu, Indigo Villa, Meads Bay Beach Villas, Tequila Sunrise Villa, Spyglass Hill Villa and, Sugar George's jewel, The Beach House...

The Beach House, Meads Bay, Anguilla
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (14)

An architectural masterpiece, International Property Awards bestowed the prestigious acclaim of "Best Single Residence Architecture" on Sugar George for this immaculately designed villa. It attracts the most discerning clients and celebrities who enjoy quality family time in this magnificent space.

Two doors down from The Beach House, Tranquility Beach promises to be his greatest development yet together with long-term Anguilla lover and homeowner (Villa Alegria), Neil Freeman of Chicago's Aries Capital.

Tranquility Beach's First Phase: Signature Suites

Tranquility Beach's first phase, Signature Suites, broke ground in early 2018. In September 2018, Sugar George took us inside the development. We were blown away by the progress. See the Phase 1 video tour with Sugar George, below...

Since that tour? Tranquility Beach Anguilla has impressed us all over again. Today (2020), Tranquility Beach Anguilla is fully open with vacation rentals and residence opportunities.

Let's step inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla...

Inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla

Phase 1 brings a total of 15 residences in 3 sharp villas to Meads Bay.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla's "Villa A," "Villa B" and "Villa C"
(right of photo below)
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (15)

"Villa A" is right on the sands of Meads Bay. It sits in front of "Villa B," "Villa B" in front of "Villa C."

Each villa has 3 floors (Ground Floor, Floor One and Floor Two) that house 5 luxurious units. The Ground Floor and Floor One each house 2 residences. Floor One's 2 residences can be adjoined. The two Ground Floor units are separated by a spacious hallway. (The rendering below shows "Villa A's" two one bedroom residences side-by-side.)

"Villa A's" One Bedroom Residences
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (16)

Finally, Floor Two houses 1 penthouse residence.

In-line with its neighbors, Tranquility Beach boasts an ultra-modern, clean line design. And, each villa is mere steps from the beach.

Let's start with "Villa A."

Inside "Villa A"

Tranquility rules supreme at Tranquility Beach Anguilla. From the moment you step through the front door, you are immediately struck by commanding views and soothing sounds of Anguilla's most coveted beach. "Villa A's" three bedroom penthouse suite is "the one to beat" when it comes to suites on Meads Bay beach.

(Video) Anguilla Real Estate: Living on Meads Bay at Tranquility Beach Anguilla

An air of marked sophistication sets in from the moment you enter the plush, spacious suite. Through oversized windows, you are wrapped completely in Meads Bay blue.

The Great Room
(Inside The Penthouse Suite)
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (17)

The penthouse suite opens into a luxurious "great room" with living area and contemporary-chic kitchen and dining space.

Modern Kitchen & Dining
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (18)

Encased in floor-to-ceiling glass, the room opens onto the suite's expansive terrace. Spanning the width of the building, it is the most spectacular terrace on Meads Bay.

Expansive Terrace with Sweeping Views
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (19)

The exclusive setting goes hand in hand with superior design. Sugar George blends modern-cool with tropical-warmth. Outside, wood ceilings contrast elegantly against strong pillars, stone tile and a white color scheme.

That feeling of sumptuous calm carries through each room. Bedrooms have been immaculately designed, each with its own flair. The first master suite is set on the penthouse's west side. Its chic white and cobalt color scheme sets a sophisticated tone.

Cozy in Cobalt
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (20)

A Meads Bay View
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (21)

The suite's second master boasts a grand view and opens right onto the terrace.

Chic Master Suite
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (22)

... With a View
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (23)

With tropical touches of bamboo and wood, and an unbeatable view, this may be the best bedroom on Meads Bay.

The final bedroom is set on the penthouse's south side. Its twin set up makes it the perfect unit for families.

Twin Room
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (24)

Rounding out the penthouse suite is three exquisite en-suites, a posh powder room, in-unit laundry and dryer and a plethora of noteworthy design touches. From textured back splashes, to deep soak tubs, rich stone walk-in showers, gentle light fixtures...

Elegant Penthouse Suite Touches
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (25)

... every last piece has been thought through and selected with fine attention to detail. The penthouse is Meads Bay's grand jewel. For a complete video tour inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla's Penthouse Suite, click here.

One floor down, "Villa A's" First Floor residence impress again. This floor features two one bedroom units.

The layout is very similar to the Penthouse suite. The western unit features a cobalt master suite with large living area that opens to the spacious terrace. The eastern unit features a grand master dressed in tropical greens, baby blues and stylish, airy curtains...

First Floor Eastern Residence
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (26)

This grand master opens to the expansive balcony. The unit also features a modest kitchenette and one of the most picturesque ensuite views...

Luxurious Ensuite Vistas
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (27)

Finally, the Ground Floor features two one bedroom residences, separated by Tranquility Beach's iconic walkway.

Path to Paradise
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (28)

Here, your "front yard" is the beach. To fully take in tranquility wrapped in blue, your suite comes with private jacuzzi and lounge chairs.

Blue on Blue View From "Villa A's" Ground Floor Suites
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (29)

Inside, sharp contemporary design pleases the eye. Its only competitor? The view of blue.

(Video) Tranquility Beach Anguilla: Affordable Luxury on Meads Bay - [Full Tour]

Surrounded by Blue
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (30)

Tranquility Beach Anguilla (31)

The Ground Floor units each feature a spacious living area, kitchen and master bedroom with ensuite.

Plush Master Bedroom
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (32)

No matter the floor, in "Villa A" your view of Meads Bay is completely uninterrupted.

Tranquility Beach's interior design flawlessly marries Caribbean warmth with modern elegance. Location, design and furnishings all combine to create a state of the art Meads Bay property.

"Villa B" & "Villa C"

"Villa B" and "Villa C" carry the same layout and finishings as "Villa A." The units in these two buildings offer partial views.

The western units gaze out to Meads Bay's turquoise waters, complete with private jacuzzi tubs...

Villa C Western Unit View
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (33)

Villa B Eastern Unit View
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (34)

Available at a lower price point than the beachfront villa, these units are an excellent deal. They blend the best of all worlds: luxurious finishings and amenities, direct Meads Bay access and favorable pricing.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla doesn't end there...

Life is Sweet at Tranquility Beach

In addition to its prime location and modern-chic design, Tranquility Beach's devoted staff takes excellent care of you through your stay. Brought to you by Sunset Homes, who manages the popular villa Spyglass Hill Villa, service is tried and tested.

The property also offers all of the top-tier amenities of an upscale boutique resort, including...

Tranquility Beach Anguilla (35)

  • Indoor gym (set inside separate front desk building)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Front desk with concierge and reservations services
  • WiFi
  • Generator that powers on automatically. (This is an especially smart feature on an island where power outages can be frequent.)
  • Beach service
  • All units feature central air conditioning throughout
  • All bedrooms feature flatscreen TV and private ensuites

Life is blissfully sweet at Tranquility Beach.

A huge congratulations to Sugar George and his partner Neil Freeman and their team! A labor of love, Tranquility Beach Anguilla delivers on its promise amidst Anguilla's top tier resorts and villas. Tranquility Beach Anguilla will be the epicenter of the epicenter of Caribbean luxury living.

The majestic Meads Bay project is fully open as a boutique hotel with vacation rentals and ownership opportunities.

Step inside Tranquility Beach Anguilla with this NEW video of our ultra-sumptuous stay...

Tranquility Beach Anguilla is accepting reservations. To book your stay at Tranquility Beach Anguilla, click here.

Welcome to Tranquility Beach Anguilla
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (36)

To Own a Piece of Tranquility Beach?...

There is something to Anguilla's blue hues, the genuine warmth of its people and the laidback vibe that makes you feel truly free. If you have been to Anguilla, you know that from visit #1, you are hooked.

I so remember our family's early vacation days in Anguilla, when the "number of days left" would fly by too fast. As Steven Seligman of Anguilla's BeachCourt Villa puts it...

"There is, alas, a difference between “vacationing” and “living” somewhere: “living”—at least in Anguilla—is as good as it gets. When you are “vacationing,” you must dole-out your most precious commodity….time. “Where are we going for lunch, where are we going for dinner….do we have time to snorkel before that”?

When you “live” on Anguilla, you are truly “alive”: you have time to spend, to get beyond Anguilla being a “place” and to have it be your “home.”

Island Harbour, Anguilla
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (37)

“Home” is joining a civic organization or a church, volunteering at a school or with a youth sports team….participating, knowledgeably, in a political discussion or just “liming,” watching the sun go down over Island Harbour as the fishing boats return with their abundant catches.

I thought that I knew Anguilla well, but when we starting “living” here, I realized that—as much as I thought I loved Anguilla—I discovered it anew and loved it all the more."

(Video) Anguilla's Bubble Experience at Tranquility Beach Anguilla

Melinda Goddard shares that love for Anguilla and her journey in her brand new book One Way Ticket.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla (38)

"Anguilla seems to be the only place on earth where you can sincerely live the mantra that "friends become our chosen family" every day. It is an egalitarian society of confident, engaged, and sophisticated people, no matter one's work or formal education (though most everyone is well traveled and holds a degree).

Truth still matters here, and mutual respect is fundamental - along with courteous greetings and acknowledgement of one another, even if not yet acquainted. I hope you will hear these strong, welcoming voices when reading "One Way Ticket: From America to Anguilla" about the winding path we took to building our villa and a new life.

Indeed, there is something very special about this place. Yes, it is beautiful, has sensuous beaches, spas, and endless culinary delights, but the people of Anguilla have made it our home."

That feeling of "home" is felt through and through, also echoed by home owner Loren Pearson.

"We are so thankful for the special "family" ties we have developed here. This is a caring, friendly island. It didn't take us long to decide we wanted a home here. As life long "beach people", Anguilla beaches are the best in the world.

Fun In The Sun on Meads Bay
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (39)

The island is clean and safe but perhaps the strongest tie is the opportunity to interact within a thriving, passionate, active community. Besides being welcome at the many community activities and events, there is the open invitation to share our time, talents and knowledge.

For these few reasons and many more, when we are home on Anguilla we feel "here is the perfect place to be"."

Tranquility Beach View
Tranquility Beach Anguilla (40)

Anguilla is a most special place to call home. Tranquility Beach makes that "move" a breeze.

See the video below for an interview with Yancy Bonner, an owner at Tranquility Beach Anguilla, about how easy living is at Tranquility Beach Anguilla.

For residence opportunities, see below.

Residence Sales

There are a total of 15 units available for purchase across Villas A, B and C.

  • Ground Floor
    • Two 1 Bedroom Suites @ 901 total square feet (each)
  • First Floor
    • One 1 Bedroom Suite @ 901 total square feet
    • One 1 Bedroom Premium Suite @ 1,349 total square feet
  • Second Floor
    • The 3 Bedroom Penthouse Suite @ 2,322 total square feet

Pricing begins at $650,000. (NOTE: There is still the option to combine two 1 Bedroom Suites into a 2 Bedroom Suite and own the entire floor on the First Floor.)

All suites are sold turnkey.

Each suite is fully furnished, complete with a full kitchen. They also each boast a private terrace with private plunge pool facing Meads Bay. The penthouse features an optional additional terrace, a rooftop terrace.

Tranquility Beach is designed by award-winning architectural designer, Sugar George. Sugar George has designed some of the Caribbean's most luxurious and exclusive properties. One of his most well-known is The Beach House, which won International Property Awards' most prestigious award, "Best Single Residence Architecture."

Here at Tranquility Beach, Sugar George's classic and coveted clean line design rules supreme. With luxurious finishings, Signature Suites' design emphasizes Meads Bay's natural beauty.

In addition to being sold turn-key, everything is taken care of for you. Electricity, water, WiFi and maintenance are all handled. All units are placed into a rental pool and are professionally managed and marketed. No need to furnish, no need to worry about upkeep, no need to handle your own rentals.

Tranquility Beach's first phase, Signature Suites is now open.


Tranquility Beach is a rare opportunity to own on a beach as grand as Meads Bay.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla (41)

A white sand beach that drops off into an infinite gradient of blue, Anguilla's Meads is a Caribbean "best." To call Meads Bay home is to dream…

Tranquility Beach Anguilla (42)

To make dreaming a reality, you can reach Tranquility Beach via...

  • Phone: 264-476-8488 or 264-235-3666
  • Email:

Contact Tranquility Beach

  • Official website: Click here
  • Email:
  • Tel. Office: 264-476-8488
  • Tel. Mobile: 264-235-3666
(Video) Tranquility Beach Feature


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