The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (2023)

Living in the city can be an awesome experience. You get to experience great food, new cultures, and unique people. However, you can get to a point where you’re sick of the traffic and all the other nonsense that comes along with Atlanta. That’s when you start thinking about where the best suburbs of Atlanta might be.

Suburbs are great because if you want, you can come down and enjoy the city. But, if you just want to stay low-key, then you have everything you need! A lot of these guides are from huge companies that mass produce them, but not us! We’re Atlanta residents and went to work to curate a list of the best suburbs in Atlanta for you!

More interested in ‘intown’ neighborhoods? Check out our guides to Grant Park, East Atlanta Village, Midtown, Cabbagetown and more! The spots we list in this post are the best suburbs of Atlanta located further outside the city.

A Map of the Best Suburbs of Atlanta

Above is a map of the best suburbs of Atlanta! We included all of the suburbs listed in the article. Notice how there is a great variety here. Decatur and Brookhaven are only 20 minutes from Atlanta, whereas Milton can be over an hour with traffic. This gives you more control over how close to the madness you want to be!

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (1)


One of the larger suburbs near Atlanta, you would be making no mistake to join the 60,000 people who already call Marietta home. This Atlanta suburb smoothly blends urban and suburban life to give residents a mix of both. The area keeps a lot of Atlanta’s diversity, with 52.7% of the population being white, 31.5% are African American and 20.6% are Latino. There is a strong sense of community, awesome schools, great restaurants and plenty to do! We think Marietta is one of the best suburbs of Atlanta.

Things to do in Marietta, GA:

  • Go hangout in Marietta Square! This historic spot has become a revitalized part of the town and is a great place to eat and shop.
  • Get outside any enjoy one of the beautiful hikes in the area. Our favorite is Sope Creek.
  • Visit museums like the Gone With the Wind museum or the Marietta Museum of History.

Population: 60,544

Median Household Income: $57,452

Niche School Rating: A-

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (2)


With 67,213 people calling Alpharetta home, it’s almost a city in itself! It offers a denser suburban feel, and is covered in great communities that have amenities like parks, pools and tennis courts. Although predominantly white (72%) there is some great diversity here. 13.7% of the population is Asian, 11.2% are Black or African American and 8.7% are Hispanic of Latino. Equipped with parks like Wills Park and Big Creek Greenway, you’ll always have an escape if you need it. We could go on and on about the incredible restaurants and highly rated schools, but we won’t ramble! This is one of the best suburbs of Atlanta and a great choice for anyone looking to move.

Things to do in Alpharetta, GA:

  • Enjoy a live show and the amazing Ameris Amphitheater! This outdoor venue attracts great acts and is a town favorite.
  • Sip on some incredible beer while visiting local breweries like Jekyll Brewing and the Currahee Brewing Company.
  • Go crazy in Downtown Alpharetta. Enjoy food, shopping and soaking in the culture!

Population: 65,590

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Median Household Income: $113,802

Niche School Rating: A+

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (3)


Dunwoody is an amazing neighborhood for anyone looking to be close to the city. We consider Dunwoody to be in the ‘first layer’ of the suburbs, with further ones like Alpharetta and John’s Creek making up the second layer. Only 14 miles from Midtown, Dunwoody is an awesome move as an individual or with a family! The schools are solid, the restaurants are great and the parks are beautiful! It’s super close to the city so you can jump down if you need to, but you also never have to leave unless you feel like it.

Things to do in Dunwoody, GA:

  • Visit the Dunwoody Nature Center! This playground in the woods is like a fairytale for kids. Play in hammocks and swings, take the boat out and let nature do its thing!
  • Shop at the Perimeter Mall to find all of the latest hot brands, or go more local and shop at Dunwoody village or Perimeter Place!
  • Fill up your stomach with some of the best food around! Some delicious options include Novo Cucina, Village Burger and NFA Burger.

Population: 49,371

Median Household Income: $96,057

Niche School Rating: B

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (4)

John’s Creek

John’s Creek is an affluent suburb in the outer layer, about 25 miles from Atlanta. Just like Roswell, John’s Creek is pretty massive, boasting a population of over 80,000! There is so much to do here and the community is constantly pushing forward more upgrades to make everyones’ lives better. Restaurants, shows and concerts, parks, shopping, you have it all here and never have to leave! We don’t know what they feed the kids here, but it’s working, because John’s Creek has a perfect A+ rating for its schools. It can be pricy, but John’s Creek is definitely one of the best suburbs in Atlanta.

Things to do in John’s Creek, GA:

  • Enjoy the beloved Newtown Park. Equipped with picnic tables, sports fields & courts plus even more, this place is ready to show you a good time!
  • Catch a show at the John’s Creek Symphony Orchestra.
  • Chow down on a ton of different foods from favorites like Ethiopiques Cafe and Restaurant, Sugo and Egg Harbor Cafe!

Population: 83,999

Median Household Income: $122,514

Niche School Rating: A+

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The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (5)

Roswell is a massive suburb that almost 100,000 people call home. Incredible public and private schools, awesome restaurants and a ton of stuff to do, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to live here. It’s less diverse than some of our other neighborhoods, but there is still a great mix! 74% of people here are White, 12% are Black, 15% are Hispanic and 4% are asian. One of our favorite spots in Georgia, the Roswell Mill, attracts visitors from all over the state!

Things to do in Roswell, GA:

  • Visit the stunning Roswell Mill to pack in history and fun in one go! Bring your swim suit!
  • Enjoy local favorites like Lazaro’s Cuban Cuisine, Cristy’s Kitchen or Zest.
  • Go on a Roswell Ghost Tour through some scary parts of town!

Population: 94,498

Median Household Income: $99,726

Niche School Rating: A


The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (6)

Often times, without the support of the city, a suburb would be super lame and not fun to live in. We love Decatur because it’s an awesome town without even considering the fact that it’s next to Atlanta! The 24,000 take pride in how local everything seems. The racial breakup is 73% white, 20% Black, 3% Asian and 3% Hispanic. Whether it’s restaurants, festivals, stores, Decatur loves to keep it fresh and unique. Decatur Square is a super popular spot that attracts people from all over the area. The schools here are also incredible with a rating of A+!

Things to do in Decatur, GA:

  • Doing everything local is a huge source of pride for Decatur, including the food. Go enjoy any of the delicious local restaurants there and you won’t be disappointed!
  • Shop around in the poppin’ Downtown Decatur! Equipped with a town square and tons of shops, you’ll always find something fun to do here!
  • Ebster, Adair, Oakhurst… We can’t name all of the beautiful green spaces here for you to enjoy!

Population: 24,002

Median Household Income: $106,088

Niche School Rating: A+

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (7)


Adjacent to Dunwoody is Chamblee, a smaller town with about 29,000 people. It’s about 15 miles from Midtown, which is pretty close. The great part about these neighborhoods is that if you want to escape, everywhere around you has so much to do! This diverse suburb is the first where White isn’t the predominant race. 56% of people identified as Hispanic or Latino, 45% are White, 14% are Asian and 3% are Black or African American. The schools are rated a C+ by Niche, but they’re still solid compared to the average. There are also tons of private and charter schools in the Atlanta area that families take advantage of. Another great option!

Things to do in Chamblee, GA:

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  • Shop around at Chamblee’s Antique Row District. This place is filled with old vintage items for you to collect!
  • Dine at some mouth-watering restaurants like Food Terminal and Surina Thai that keep people coming back for more! Burford Highway is nearby and has more food than you can imagine!
  • Relax at the beautiful 45-acre Keswick Park. This spot is fully equipped with tennis and basketball courts, fields to play in and walking trails!

Population: 29,233

Median Household Income: $61,797

Niche School Rating: C+

Sandy Springs

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (8)

Depending on who you ask, tons of people consider Sandy Springs to be part of Atlanta. This massive suburb with over 100,000 offers plenty to do and see. Tons of traffic runs through here because of Truist Park, the home stadium of the Atlanta Braves. Equipped with great food, hiking trails and more, you won’t get bored here! There is a bit of diversity here, with 65% of the population listed as White, 20% as Black, 5% as Asian and 20% as Hispanic. With some solid schools and a ton to keep you busy, moving to Sandy Springs would be no mistake!

Things to do in Sandy Springs, GA:

  • Catch a Braves game and the new and ginormous Truist Park. Go Bravos!
  • Enjoy some amazing eats at local restaurants like Rumi’s Kitchen, Battle and Brew or El Elote.
  • Explore a ton of different spots on the Chattahoochee river! Try out tons of different activities like fishing, kayaking and more!

Population: 107,072

Median Household Income: $78,613

Niche School Rating: B+

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (9)


Brookhaven is another inner layer suburb that some people just consider to be a part of Atlanta. With a population of over 50,000, Brookhaven is becoming an extremely popular place to live due to how much effort the community is putting into improvements. It seems like a new park opens here every month! Better yet, Buford Highway runs through the area, bringing in literally endless amounts of incredible food. There is a nice melting pot of people here, with 65% being White, 17% Black, 5% Asian and 27% Hispanic. Some solid schools and things for kids to do round up this suburb and make it a great place for your next move!

Things to do in Brookhaven, GA:

  • Enjoy any of the DOZENS of great restaurants located in Brookhaven or on the intersecting Buford Highway!
  • Check out any of the perfect parks like Blackburn, Murphey Candler, or Skyland!
  • Go tour some planes at the Dekalb-Peachtree airport and get a private ride!

Population: 53,819

Median Household Income: $92,604

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Niche School Rating: B-


The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (10)

Sitting just above Alpharetta, our northernmost suburb is Milton. A solid sized town of 38,000, Milton sits just below the beautiful Northern part of Georgia. This means it has quick access to some amazing nature. The residents are 73% White, 13% Asian, 11% Black and 6% Hispanic. Known for its high quality of life, Milton is littered with golf courses and great parks to relax in. The area is very safe and the schools are rated a perfect A+, so come on up!

Things to do in Milton, GA:

  • Play a round at one of several stunning golf courses.
  • Find your happy place at the peaceful Providence Park.
  • Go watch the game and grab some finger-licking good food at Cue Barbecue or the Milton Tavern.

Population: 38,759

Median Household Income: $128,559

Niche School Rating: A+

The 11 Best Suburbs of Atlanta (11)


Little Suwannee snuck in and gets to enjoy all of the benefits of adjacent suburbs like John’s Creek. About 30 miles away, Suwanee isn’t too close to the city, and whether that is a good or bad thing is up to you! A strong community of about 20,000, Suwanee always has something fun going on at one of their recreation centers or other venues. The residents are 67% white, 10% Black,18% Asian and 6% are Hispanic. Whatever this area is doing is doing it right, because Suwanee schools are rated an A+!

Things to do in Suwanee:

  • Chow down on a steak from Bottles & Bones and follow it up with Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard! There is a ton of great food here.
  • Enjoy the views at the beautiful 300 acre George Pierce Park, equipped with a recreation center!
  • Check out some neat art at the Suwanee SculpTour!

Population: 19,742

Median Household Income: $90,436

Niche School Rating: A+

We think these are the best suburbs of Atlanta! Do you agree? Let us know where you think the best suburbs of Atlanta are!

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