Dining Around the World in Lethbridge! : Blogs on DowntownLethbridge.com (2023)

Dining Around the World in Lethbridge!

Posted on : Friday, May 15, 2020

Dining Around the World in Lethbridge! : Blogs on DowntownLethbridge.com (1)

Diverse, delicious, devilishly decadent — whatever you’re taste buds desire, it’s time you discover dining in Lethbridge. As the economic centre of Southern Alberta, Lethbridge has a range of lip-smacking to satisfy your hunger.


It’s like a fiesta in your mouth! Lethbridge has many great mexican restaurants to choose from for an authentic Mexican experience.

Tacos Made in Mexico

610 3 ave S Lethbridge ABFor that made in Mexico flavour head down to Tacos Made in Mexico! An authentic Mexican restaurant right near downtown!

Cafe Verde

1503 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge ABFresh delicious food, made with fresh ingredients and passion! Cafe Verde is a


Experience the latin flavors right here in Lethbridge!

Antojitos Latin Cravings

Enjoy delicious snacks or street food from different Latin American countries. With new products to try you'll a;ways be able to try new amazing treats.


Whether you’re visiting from far away or just looking for some comfort from home, Lethbridge has got you covered on some Canadian classics. Try a Alberta beef steak or the Canadian classic Poutine.


330 6 St S Lethbridge AB

For an intimate, unique, fine dining experience, Plum is the place to be. Never stuffy, you’ll appreciate the friendly atmosphere, amazing food and really, really good hand-crafted cocktails. Plum boasts high-class elegance in the heart of Lethbridge

Mocha Cabana

317 4St S Lethbridge AB

Eat local at Mocha Cabana. From their pasta to their beer they love to source locally, so you know your food is always fresh and fantastic! With great food, talented chefs and a friendly atmosphere, this is the perfect stop to eat like a local.

Streatside Eatery

317 8 st S Lethbridge AB

Fresh food, locally owned and operated since 1987 Streatside Eatery is a great place to go for great Canadian classics.


The Mango Tree

1264 3 Ave S Lethbridge AB

If you’re looking for Authentic East Indian cuisine, The Mango Tree is the place to go! Enjoy an arrangement of traditional foods in a great atmosphere.

Baadshah Royal Indian Cuisine

310 5 St S Lethbridge AB

Escape to a world of indulgence at Baadsshah Indian Restaurant. With authentic East Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist they take pride in their food and service. Fresh unique food, and memorable experience you will enjoy your time at Baadshah Indian Restaurant.

Dining Around the World in Lethbridge! : Blogs on DowntownLethbridge.com (2)


KOKO Japanese Restaurant

511 4 Ave S Lethbridge AB

Casual Japanese experience with Japanese tapas, sushi, ramen noodle and more!

O-sho Japanese Restaurant

311 4 St S Lethbridge AB

O-sho provides a unique dining experience with sushi bar seating, private tatami rooms and a full dining room with tables and booths!

Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant

708 3 ave S Lethbridge AB

Try traditional Japanese food or spice it up with sushi pizza, Godzilla Roll, Signature Roll, and their Sansai Cuttlefish!

Umami Shop

814 4th Ave South Lethbridge AB

Cookie classes, great food, and great staff! Umami Shop will take you through a world food exploration and help you discover your new favourite food.


New Shanghai Golden Chopstick Restaurant

For great Chinese food in Lethbridge look no further than New Shanghai Golden Chopstick! Get some of your favourite dishes or try something new!

Imperial China

4038 4 th Ave S Lethbridge AB

Travel around the world in Imperial China. Try their great selection of authentic Chinese food and a great time with friends and family.

Dining Around the World in Lethbridge! : Blogs on DowntownLethbridge.com (3)


Italian Table

320 Scenic Dr S Lethbridge AB

Pasta, paninis, and flatbread — the Italian Table serves a great selection of Italian food for the whole family!

Top pizza & Spaghetti

1101 - 4 Ave S Lethbridge AB

The Oldest Restaurant in Lethbridge, serving traditional pan pizza, thin-crust Napoli style pizza, panini, baked pasta, salads and desserts.

Luigi’s Steakhouse

1119 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge AB

The perfect mix between a casual steakhouse and the finest of Italian restaurants. Family-owned Luigi’s is an Italian inspired Steakhouse restaurant for over 30 years. Try one of their selection of steaks, pasta, pizzas, mains and salads made with fresh, local ingredients, that will satisfy any appetite.

Two Guys and a Pizza Place

316 11 St S Lethbridge AB

Pizza with exceptional service, there’s a reason Two Guys and a Pizza Place has won so many international awards. Enjoy your favourite pies with some amazing flavours mamma never thought of. Their menu section “SORRY ITALY… “WE’VE GONE TOO FAR!” says it all! Perfect with one of the 100 craft beer and cider on their menu.


MAMA LA Vietnamese Cuisine

#50 - 8 Aquitania Blvd W Lethbridge AB

Great food, great people! Located on the west side of the city MAMA LA provides a great experience with authentic Vietnamese food!

Thuan Hoa Restaurant

1354 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge AB

Thuan Hoa provides an authentic Vietnamese experience! Try there lunch or dinner specials.

ITEA Express Bubble Tea & Vietnamese Cuisine

404 E Mayor Magrath Dr N Lethbridge AB

Casual dining/takeout restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine and bubble tea!

Saigonese Restaurant

1210 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge AB

Authentic Vietnamese food right here in Lethbridge. Gather with friends and family over a great meal.

Dining Around the World in Lethbridge! : Blogs on DowntownLethbridge.com (4)


El Greco Cuisine

110 WT Hill Blvd S Lethbridge AB

The El Greco Cuisine restaurant is located on the corner of W.T. Hill Boulevard South and Highway 3. We hope to see you soon!!

If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable


Miro Bistro

313 5 St S Lethbridge AB

Fine food with a European flair, Miro Bistro is in the Heart of downtown Lethbridge. Chef Miro created the maxim, “simplicity is the sign of perfection.” If you have a larger group, book one of their private rooms.

Wooden Shoe

210 3rd Ave S Lethbridge AB

Enjoy an array of great meats and treats for dining in or take away at their deli or gather imported groceries from Europe!


The Duke Pub and Grill

132 Columbia Blvd W Lethbridge AB

Locally own, Duke’s pub offers live local music & entertainment, a full kitchen including great meals - try their pizza!

Kingsmen Ale House

2012 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge AB

A True British pub experience in Lethbridge! Enjoy a friendly, warm staff, great food and the city’s largest selection of craft and import beer on tap!

Mojos Craft Pub & Grill

550 University Dr W #32 Lethbridge AB

Come down for a drink! After 10 years Mojo has added more beer taps for you to enjoy a cold fresh craft beer as you enjoy their delicious food!

Backstreet WEST Pub & Pizza

1810 3rd Ave S Lethbridge AB

Come enjoy their amous Jamie Sandwiches or one of their other great menu items and wash it back with their Backstreet Lager!

Ten Ten Pub

1010 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge AB

A friendly neighbourhood pub, come on down for delicious food, tasty drinks, great service, and a fantastic time!

Dining Around the World in Lethbridge! : Blogs on DowntownLethbridge.com (5)


Make everyone in your group happy with foods from around the world all in one place!

Telegraph Taphouse

310 6 St S Lethbridge AB

Right in the heart of downtown in the historic telegraph building (hence the name) delicious food, great beer and friendly conversation are on the menu. Wash down your globally-inspired meal with a selection of beer from Canada and around the world!

The Slice Bar and Grill

314 8th St S Lethbridge AB

Great food and even better music! Try their thin-crust pizza or some of their other great dishes.

Honkers Pub & Eatery

2808 5th Ave N Lethbridge AB

Enjoy a casual pub experience with great homemade food, friendly service. For over 25 years Honkers has provided a place to gather with friends, colleges and family alike!

Coulee Taproom

4085 2 Ave Lethbridge AB

With a focus on family and community, Coulee Brewing strives to make its restaurant a place for everyone! Sip some of the past with year-round beers that embrace the history of Southern Alberta, crafted from water from glacial past.

Water Tower Grill

103 Mayor Magrath Dr S Lethbridge AB

The Water Tower Grill is lifting dining in Lethbridge to a whole new level — literally! Located in Lethbridge’s old water tower, you’ll enjoy amazing views (102’ above the ground) with your meal. Great from a casual drink or dinner with friends and family, this restaurant is an anytime indulgence.

Find more great restaurantshere!

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