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20 reviews of Brio Tuscan Grille

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Dione B.

Place rating: 4
San Antonio, TX

I was lucky enough to be with a group that ordered a bunch of different things. The calamari was great! It has a light breading and great sauces that accompany the dish. I also had the Italian wedding soup — delicious! Probably the best I’ve had to date. My main course was the Pesto Pasta with chicken. It is on the lighter menu, but it is not lacking in flavor. I can’t wait to go back and try some other dishes.

Leslie E.

Place rating: 4
San Antonio, TX

Came here for a birthday dinner. Even though I don’t like Italian they had some items that weren’t too «Italian.» I tried the chopped salad, and that was very good. I also got the crab cakes with the veggies (I think that’s what it was). A $ 20 plate but soo good and very satisfying. Our servers were great! Would return in the future!

Molly S.


Place rating: 5
San Antonio, TX

We went on a Sunday afternoon and we were seated right away there was no wait. The restaurant is very nice inside and looks fancy but the prices are not bad at all. The bread basket you get is delicious and fresh! I ordered the brunch burger which was delicious and i would definitely recommend!

Diana R.

Place rating: 4
San Antonio, TX

My family just ate here for lunch. We had the mezza chicken with the mashed potatoes and roasted veggies, Bloody Mary, peach Bellini, lobster bisque, ham and biscuit off the brunch menu and a kid sized pizza. It was our first time here and we enjoyed our meal also service was attentive. We will come back!

Noelle B.

Place rating: 2
San Antonio, TX

This restaurant was not up to our expectations on Mother’s Day. The service was spotty, and we weren’t even given silverware first when we sat down. I saw another table had silverware wrapped neatly in napkins that was given to them when they sat down. My husband’s salad came without the silverware as well, and he was surprised by the oversight.
My chicken piccata came, and you could tell it’d seen better days. The vegetables side were clearly leftovers that had been used, and the breading on my chicken looked old. I hope they hadn’t had it in the fridge for a while. My mashed potatoes also had kind of a tough skin on top which is a sign that it wasn’t made fresh. My husband’s sweet potato chicken risotto was not up to par when it arrived either. The vegetables also looked like they’d been repurposed for the risotto, and not made to order. It also wasn’t that flavorful according to my husband, and the risotto was in what was clearly a soup bowl which is the wrong container for it. It should be in a pasta bowl, or on a plate the very least.
He upended the risotto onto the bread plate, and steam rose above the risotto. The steam hadn’t been there when it arrived in the soup bowl. It was clear it’d been microwaved. We just weren’t pleased with our meal. We had expected better, and even though management comped our meal, we will not be coming back. Why spend money for subpar food?

Ashlee V.

Place rating: 4
San Angelo, TX

Yum yum! This was our first visit and we were very pleased. The food was good and the portions were very decent as well. The fettuccine noodles tasted fresh made and we thoroughly enjoyed all our other choices as well. The pork chops were great and cooked just right.
Only cons would be the fact that my salad (which costs 4.95 to add) arrived literally 1 minute before the main course… thus leaving my pasta a little chilly by the time I got to it. And the Peach Sangria… Although quite tasty. Could not have had more then an once of wine in it. It was basically juice. These things aside, I was still very pleased with this restaurant.

Denise P.

Place rating: 1
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Worst service ever, the waitress was kind of rude, the food was way below average, I ordered pesto pasta and it had no olive oil or pine nuts. I’m not coming back. It’s really not worth it.

Sonia P.

Place rating: 3
Hawthorne, CA

I came to eat here with my friends and had a nice experience. They make me a gluten-​free pasta primavera that was no too bad. I’ve had better! This restaurant is in the mall and is easily accessible. Although I probably won’t be back, I had a nice time.

Lisa S.

Place rating: 3
San Antonio, TX

I would give at least 4 stars for the food and the excellent customer service here.
My only complaint is the loud crying babies and grumpy teenagers we have had to endure both times we have come here for a meal on Valentine’s Day.
I find it incredibly rude that people would bring scowling teenagers or crying infants out to a Valentine’s dinner. It pretty much ruins the vibe for adult couples looking to get away from things like rude teenagers or screaming children.
When I went to the bathroom, I found a mother sitting in the very middle of the bathroom floor changing her screaming baby’s diaper. Not one bit classy in my opinion. Not to mention, disgustingly dirty.
So my complaints are more about the rude customers spoiling what should be a peaceful and quiet night out for the rest of us looking to get away from noise and drama. We look forward to it and we spend a good deal of money not just for a meal, but for nice ambience.
I ask if from now on could rude people with teenagers and babies either be turned away on Valentine’s day/​evening… OR… could they be seated in their own section, away from couples who clearly dressed up and are looking forward to a nice evening out? The tables and chairs are very close together and you can easily hear conversation at other tables.
I did not enjoy the view of the scowling teenager, sitting about two feet away from me, as I tried to enjoy a nice evening out with my husband. Clearly his parents doted on him, bundle of joy he clearly was NOT, as they had him along on their Valentine’s evening date. But the rest of us do not dote on or enjoy other people’s children during our once a year special night out.

Joshua A.

Place rating: 5
San Antonio, TX

We spent our Valentine’s Day here. It was crowded and we didn’t have reservations, but after a short 20 minute wait, our table was ready. The expected time was 3040 minutes, so we started out pleasantly surprised.
The good continued throughout. We had one of the best servers, Heather, I’ve ever had anywhere. She was very friendly and perfectly attentive. Our drinks never ran dry and she consistently kept our breadbasket full.
The food was great too. From our garden and Caesar salads, all the way to our main courses, the food was perfect. It was a good portion size, excellently seasoned, and was served at the exact perfect temperature.
Overall, it was top notch. Try it! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Doug G.

Place rating: 4
Wilmington, DE

Delicious scallops. Portions could be bigger. Steak was a tad plain.
Service was really good, hostess not so much.
All in all – fun and good choice!

Shirley A.

Place rating: 4
Frisco, TX

I’ve been to another Brio chain in Houston before and this one didn’t seem any different (in a good way). Popped over here for a quick lunch with my coworkers since we were attending a conference at the hotel across the way. I initially wanted a pizza elsewhere, but Brio was on the more convenient side of the La Cantera shopping plaza where we parked.
For $ 12, I was able to get a side Caesar Salad and Lobster Bisque soup. Both really good! The service was great and food came out quickly so we were in and out of there within 45 minutes. I also love the assortment of complimentary hard and soft breads that are brought out to every table.

(Video) Brio Tuscan Grille at La Cantera

Lindsey H.

Place rating: 5
Austin, TX

Tonight we went to Brio ready to order our Pasta Alla Vodka. It’s our favorite dish. We didn’t even look at the menu because we knew what we wanted. However, we totally forgot that it comes with proscuitto and we’re vegetarian. When the server dropped it off, we realized our mistake. They were ready to fix it for us, but we admitted our mistake and said we’d just pick the pork out. We insisted despite their desire to take it back, because it was our mistake. A few minutes later, after we’d been picking and searching for pork, the manager brought a new set of plates for us. He told us that our server knew we had not gotten what we had wanted (even though it was our mistake) and they wanted us to be happy with the dish. They were totally over the top in their service. Beyond that, every person we encountered at Brio was incredibly friendly, polite, and attentive. The hostesses were attentive, our waiter was attentive, and even the busboy told us to have a great night. This was a great experience.

Natasha K.

Place rating: 4
Copperas Cove, TX

Great food and friendly service. They also have great deals around the holidays for gift cards and good space and deals for office parties or meetings.

Jenn L.

Place rating: 3
San Antonio, TX

Went there today with 3 friends for brunch.
Experience was OK.
I ordered the French Toast and on the menu it stated that it comes with berry compote.
However, upon arrival, there was simply a ramekin of assorted berries, no compote in sight.
This was disappointing because I had expectations based on what was listed on the menu, and upon arrival, I just decided to muddle the berries myself.
I made note of the discrepancy to our waiter, Justin, and he was very courteous. He is great at his job and very attentive; I highly recommend that if you do eat at Brio, to request Justin.
Shortly after making Justin aware of the discrepancy, the manager on duty, Gary, arrived at our table. Gary is very understanding. He remedied the problem by offering to replace the entrée with a different entrée, or by taking the entrée off of the final bill. Thanks to Gary our experience was made a bit better.
Although the cooking staff had messed up the order, and there is something to be said about false advertising, the waiter Justin and the M.O.D. Gary were pleasant and professional. Based on my experience today, I give Brio 3 of 5 stars.

Greg S.

Place rating: 5
Leon Valley, TX

WOW! Food was impressive, and portions were bigger than I thought they would be. Flavor was great and drinks were delicious! I would recommend the Italian lemonade. I had the chicken piccata and my wife had the salmon. Couldn’t be happier with the taste and quality of the meal. Service was ok, but considering we were with a LARGE party I didn’t expect speed and I imagine a 2-​top or party or four or so would be excellent. Wine was a bit pricey compared to their great drinks from the bar, but nothing out of line. I will be back!

Georgina M.

Place rating: 3
San Antonio, TX

I visited Brio for the first time on Easter Sunday for brunch. I made reservations through opentable and was we were seated fairly quickly. It was not nearly as full as I anticipated. It became apparent that my friends and I were the youngest people there without our parents. This led to a fairly quiet brunch and being a chain restaurant, not one that really encouraged lingering over mimosas and raucous conversation.
Our server was an extremely friendly young lady. She seemed to linger chatting with us for quite a bit of time and even asked us what mimosas tasted like almost every time she checked on us. That was a bit unnerving, but I understand she was just trying to be personable.
Our drinks took a bit of time to get to us, but waters came out quickly and were frequently refilled. The champagne to orange juice ration seemed a little bit skewed too far towards the juice, but that’s not unusual when you order a carafe.
We placed our orders and our server brought out bread. We inhaled that sourdough and waited for our food. Because Easter tends to be busy for brunch at most places around town, we knew this would take a while. We were checked on frequently while we waited and no sooner had the server gone to get more bread that our food was ready.
I had the Eggs Benedict. I was intrigued that it came on a biscuit rather than the traditional English muffin. I really had high hopes for this but alas they were misplaced. One of my poached eggs was overcooked. You can see from the picture that it had no runny yolk deliciousness. So disappointing. To add insult to injury, by the time I got to the second half of my breakfast, the luscious fluffy biscuit had turned to wallpaper paste. It just didn’t have the structural integrity required for this type of dish. My second biscuit half also had the butt piece of the ham that was extremely difficult to cut. The Hollandaise was great, perfect consistency and flavor. The highlight of my meal was dipping the grilled asparagus in the rich sauce. I only wish there were more than 4 on my plate. The potatoes were adequate but not very memorable.
One of my more major complaints is that even though we waited for our food and our server spent a great deal of time chatting with us and telling us it was almost ready, it arrived a bit cold to our table. It was still edible, but incredibly disappointing.
Overall, I’ll probably return if I found myself at La Cantera and limited in options, but it was just too mediocre to make this a destination on its own.

Miyuki M.

Place rating: 3
San Antonio, TX

One of the better restaurants located at La Cantera mall. Nice atmosphere, good service and flavorful food.
I wouldn’t label this as the best Italian restaurant in San Antonio but it’s a decent place to have lunch or dinner after a long day of shopping.
We started with the Calamari appetizer which was perfectly cooked, came with a white/​tartar like sauce and marinara sauce, both delicious. I proceeded with a cup of the lobster bisque. I’ll say this, their portions are not stingy, come hungry. The lobster bisque came in a big cup, very flavorful yet a bit rich for my taste, and a good temperature. For my main course I got the steak salad. There was a bit too much cream dressing on the salad itself but the steak was perfectly cooked and tender.
I would probably eat here again after a long shopping day and because it’s convenient. Try their peach tea, yum!

Marc M.

Place rating: 4
Keller, TX

It’s a chain, but it is a consistently good chain, IMYO (In My Unilocal Opinion). And this restaurant benefits from location (in the best mall in San Antonio) as well as great service.
Brio keeps things fresh by changing the menu seasonally, while still keeping the popular items. The pasta dishes can be unique; the food is fresh and well-​prepared. Steaks and fish never disappoint.
Our favorite thing has to be the (free) bread. Ask for the roasted tomato /​olive oil dipping oil (also free)!
My family frequents this location and our favorite server is always David. He is friendly and works very hard to make every meal special. It helps that he has a daughter that is our daughter’s age. He delights our daughter with (free) pizza dough, which she molds and then they bake. I think I have David to thank for my daughter wanting to be a pizza chef when she grows up!

Paul P.

Place rating: 1
San Antonio, TX

They need to fire the hostess who worked lunch on Tues Jan 20. Extremely negligent. We were not greeted and a waiter looking embarrassed took us to our table. She was all walking around nonchalant gossiping with a mean faced waitress who was rolling her eyes and looking at a table in disgust. I watched the employees and there are some malignant tumors in the personnel that need to be removed. I stopped coming over 5 years ago because the food was so salty. I am disappointed today and it might be another five years if this place is even here.

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